What Occasion Should You Wear Cufflinks For

Cufflinks are basically ideal for almost any smart occasion. As long as you’re not wearing trainers, you could be pulling off cufflinks. Cufflinks are the male answer to jewellery, they add a little bit of effortless bling and style to… Continue reading →

The History of Cufflinks Over The Years

Despite appearing as early as the 1600’s, cufflinks would not become a truly common accessory until the mid-1800’s. Before the 17th century, early developments of what is now known as the cufflinks were evident. However, these primitive equivalents were usually… Continue reading →

How to wear Quirky cufflinks that will get you noticed

There is perhaps no more frequently used accessory in formal menswear than the cufflink. It brings formality, colour and stylishness to even the most uninspiring suit. In today’s market, it is quirky cufflinks that are redefining the accessory itself. Whether… Continue reading →