There is perhaps no more frequently used accessory in formal menswear than the cufflink. It brings formality, colour and stylishness to even the most uninspiring suit.

In today’s market, it is quirky cufflinks that are redefining the accessory itself. Whether it be a unique shape or vibrant colours, designers are enjoying using cufflinks as a small touch of class with every formal outfit.

So, what do you need to do to ensure that your quirky cufflinks get noticed? Well, following these rules should ensure that your accessory becomes a conversation starter in no time.

Go Bespoke

Nothing screams unique and quirky more than a bespoke designed set of cufflinks. While this may be an expensive option, having control over the shape, colour and general aesthetic of this formal accessory will guarantee quirkiness.

There are a number of very reasonable bespoke cufflink retailers around the world, who offer a variety of styles. Take your time and find the perfect match for you. This will not only mean that people become interested in your cufflinks but will also guarantee your satisfaction in the cufflinks for a considerable amount of time.


Never stick with one shape or colour in your cufflink collection. Sure, those circular blue numbers might be a personal favourite of yours, but they will soon become an unrecognised and over worn feature. Instead, try experimenting with size and colours. Try some different shapes; you don’t have to select a bizarre themed shape but divide your cufflink use between circular, rectangular, square to keep it looking fresh. Also experiment with colour, even if you have decided on the colour pallet of your outfit. Cufflinks are small enough that they will not overwhelm an outfit with colour. Instead they will simply offer a hint of vibrancy to your formal wear.

Be Yourself

Quirky cufflinks should hopefully be conversation starts in most instances and should therefore match your personality as much as possible. It would always be favourable to have a story behind the quirky accessories rather than simply, “I just thought they looked good”. Express your personalities and interests through your cufflinks and they will become a hit in no time.

Retain the Quality

While it is always a pleasure to see people taking risks with their cufflinks, it can sometimes backfire. Yes, a vibrant coloured cufflink is fine on some occasions but never sacrifice quality. Anyone who knows their cufflinks will be far more interested in a quality, handmade, bespoke, solid silver set over a poorly made, bright green, star shaped design.

Make the Cufflinks the Star of the Show

A common mistake when people decide to accessorize their formal wear is to try and wear everything all at once and with extravagance. Just because your suit is a muted colour, it doesn’t mean that your tie, pocket square and cufflinks all have to be a flurry of colour.

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