Cufflinks are basically ideal for almost any smart occasion. As long as you’re not wearing trainers, you could be pulling off cufflinks. Cufflinks are the male answer to jewellery, they add a little bit of effortless bling and style to an otherwise bland outfit, allowing you to look every bit your best.

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The suit always looks great, but at the kind of events we’re talking here, every man wears a suit, how can you do one better? Beyond basic hygiene and a haircut, you need cufflinks. What kind of events do you need a pair of cufflinks for?

Put Yourself a Cut above the Rest at that Interview

In today’s increasingly convoluted and competitive job market, with people clamouring for employment, and jumping industry to industry, it can prove very difficult to differentiate yourself, and get the attention you deserve. A quality pair of cufflinks add a little bit of sparkle, class and style to any formal outfit, making you look fit for even the highest ranking role out there.

Cufflinks Always Look Good at a Wedding

Many couples report meeting their significant other at weddings. This is a location where you’re going to have dozens of photos taken, and tons of attention given to appearance, so you absolutely need to look your very best.

Every single man will be in a suit. Some brave individuals will attempt to go a little gaudy, with brightly coloured suits, or paisley individuals. However, chances are you are not a cliché 70s pimp. Do not wear an orange suit. Wear a well-cut, Italian suit, with sharp, stylish cufflinks. Be subtle, and it’ll play wonderfully.

Proper Button-Down Shirts Look Sharp, Perfect for a Family Meal Out

Perhaps you’re not going full suited and booted, maybe it’s just a family meal out, celebrating someone’s birthday, success, or anniversary? In that case, you should go quality button down shirt, nice jeans, smart shoes, and don’t forget to don the cufflinks.

It Pays to Put Effort In at an Office Party

Office parties can be fun. They can be drunken, degenerate affairs, with lots of snogs in the copier room. Sometimes. Mostly they’re just great networking opportunities. A chance to meet bosses and decision-makers from other departments and areas of the office. That’s why you should look your sharpest, with a pair of nice cufflinks, and not be the joker sat with his pants round his ankles on a retro photocopier.